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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What are Expreso Brasilia S.A. destinations?

Expreso Brasilia S.A. travels to more than 150 towns and cities in Colombia and 5 international destinations. We cover Colombia’s Northern Coast, the center of the country (Puerto Boyaca, Honda, Bogotá, Ibagué), the Eastern part (Cucuta and Bucaramanga) and the Western (Medellin. La Apartada) and the South (Cali).

How are buses furnished?

We have a modern bus service and different types of services: Premium, Preferenciales, small buses, buses and vans. We invite you to know all the characteristics at the ticket window section.

Do you have 24-hour service?

The service in the agencies located at the Transport Terminals and other independent agencies is provided on a twenty-four (24) hour basis.

Do buses make any stops?

There are routes with non-stop service and others where stops are made exclusively at Expreso Brasilia S.A. agencies to collect passengers.

Are there express services at Expreso Brasilia?

We offer express services for field trips, company trips, transporting personnel between cities and others. This may include local transport in the destination city. All our buses are available for you.

What to do when missing a departure or a connection?

You can contact our agency in the bus terminal where you bought your ticket and ask for a change of schedule for the same day or for any other day within the next six month after having purchased the ticket.

On board information

Do I get en assigned seat if I prepay mi ticket?

You will have an assigned seat if you have the date, time and bus number. If you have an open ticket you must contact us to confirm and make a reservation for your seat on the bus at least two hours before departure.

Is smoking allowed on board?

For your safety and that of other passengers smoking is not allowed on board.

Are eating and beverage drinking allowed on board?

Eating and beverage drinking are allowed on board. Plastic garbage baskets are distributed along the aisle for their disposal.

Are pets allowed?

Inside the vehicle: Our passengers can take their pets as dogs and cats of small or medium breeds (less than 35 centimeters). Must be in crates (rigid or soft, have adequate ventilation, waterproof absorbent base and deodorant). The guacal should be transported on the floor of the cabin, placing it between the passenger's feet or under his seat. The passenger should be located in a window. The animal must remain the whole route in a guacal, never in the arms. General Restrictions: We do not transport animals in the vehicle's hold. The owner will be responsible for damages or damages caused by the pet (liability format). One (1) passenger will be admitted with a single animal. Pets must be in optimal conditions of cleanliness, must have identification and be in good health. Dogs and cats under 8 weeks can not be transported, because of their size they are more vulnerable to dehydration during the trip. Transport of animals with diseases or 'pests' is not allowed. Pets will be transported for a maximum of 8 hours. The passenger who requires a guide dog can travel with him, whenever the animal occupies, carries a muzzle, protector for the chair and pay ticket, it must be properly tied and the passenger must respond of the damages that can cause the rest Of passengers. Police dogs will occupy a seat and will pay the value of the ticket, must be properly tied, with muzzle and protector for the chair, the accompanying passenger will be responsible for the damages that can cause the rest of passengers. We do not transport dogs as dangerous or aggressive breeds (American Staffordshire, Terrier,Bull Terrier, De Presa Canario, Doberman, Dogo Argentino, Dogo de Burdeos, Fila Brasilero, Mastin, Napolitano, Pitbull, Rotweiler y Tosa Japonés)That is all considered by the standard. Pets are not transported on international trips. The company reserves the right to transport pets in high season. The company reserves the right of admission of the animal to the vehicle.

Are there movies on board?

Our buses are equipped with entertaining media for an enjoyable trip with comedy, fiction, suspense, adventure and drama films for all kinds of public.

Prices and schedules

How can I get information about prices and schedules?

Call our offices located in your city or our friendly line 01 8000 51 8001 from any place in the country or from a cell to # 502

Are there any discount tickets available?

You can have access to discounts by making your purchase through according to the anticipation of the ticket purchase. Discounts at our ticket windows are granted during low season with the authorization of the director in charge.

Are children allowed to travel alone?

Teenagers over 16 can travel alone in national routes with the previous fulfillment by parents or legal representative of the minor transport authorization form of Expreso Brasilia and Unitransco, with the notary, ICBF or Family Commissioner Authorization of parents, original Civil Registration of the minor and a photocopy of the ID of the person who authorizes the trip.

What is the policy of web discount Expreso Brasilia?

Expreso Brasilia to facilitate the purchase of tickets and closer to its customers has developed alternative sales channels from the website and applications for mobile devices on Android and IOS operating systems. As an added value of these systems offers discounted rates from 15% to 25% in low seasons, the percentages are applied according to the anticipation of buying and selected routes.

What are the dates for the 2016 season?

Expreso Brasilia draws on the following dates High season*: Easter: From March 23 to April 3rd, 2018 Midyear: June 16 to July 21, 2018 School Break Week: From October 5 to 15, 2018 End of Year: From December 7, 2018 to January 20, 2019 * Dates are subject to change without notice Expreso Brasilia S.A.

Ticket Information

How to buy an Expreso Brasilia S.A. ticket?

- Come to any of our 70 agencies or to any of our Brasilia Remittances Office at national level. - You can buy your ticket with free home service through our friendly line 01 8000 51 8001 option number 1, calling #502 from Tigo, Claro or Movistar . - Contact - Download our Expreso Brasilia App (Available on App Store and Google Play) . Contact us on Whatsapp 3205020000

Form of payment

Agencies at national level: cash and in some sales points and through you can use debit and credits cards.


Will I be charged for my luggage?

Every passenger is allowed to transport two pieces of luggage; the maximum weight for each piece is twenty-five (25) kilos. When this weight is exceeded, the passenger must pay the difference and send it as a parcel service.

What kind of parcel service is offered by Brasilia?

REGULAR SERVICE: Parcels and packages of more than 5 kilos. CORPORATE HOME SERVICE: We collect your packages at your office EXPRESS COURIER: We transport your letters and less than 5 kilos packages. RECEPTION OFFICES: You or your company can take your packages to the nearest Expreso Brasilia S.A. Office where they will be received for being transported to their destination.

What are the restrictions for hand luggage?

Hand luggage is the solely responsibility of the passenger since it does not have security badge and they must be kept on the luggage compartment located below the passenger

What kind of luggage is accepted?

Suitcases, handbags, backpacks and personal luggage that is not part of moving elements.

International trips

What international destinations does Expreso Brasilia S.A. offer?

In Venezuela, we travel to 5 cities: Caracas, Maracaibo, Barquisimeto, Valencia and Maracay, and Lima - Peru

Client services and refunds

Where do you offer clients service?

You can locate us in Barranquilla (Murillo and Transport Terminal offices), Bogotá (Transport Terminal) and Medellin (Transport Terminal) and Cartagena (Transport Terminal), or you can contact us through our free line 01 8000 51 8001 or through our website or our e-mail:

How do I present a complaint?

Come to any of our offices and ask for a PQRs (Petitions, Complaints and Resource) form to register you’re your observation and personal data or you can write to us through the link Contact Us, that you will find in our website After that Client Service will contact you and your question will be answered.

What kind of personal data does Expreso Brasilia need?

All the personal data (name, last name, city, address, telephone and id number) that will allow us to register your information as a client and that facilitates contact.

I bought a ticket but I decided not to travel. Can I get a refund?

If by any circumstance you decide not to use the ticket, you must demand the refund of your money in the origin route of your ticket four (4) hours before the bus dispatch. After one hour of departure, you can demand a change of date and schedule within the next six (6) months.

The bus is late. Can I ask for a refund?

In case the bus departure is delayed you must immediately go to our office and demand your ticket refund.

Additional Contacts

SUPERINTENDENCIA DE INDUSTRIA Y COMERCIO (SIC) Carrera 13 N 27-00 Pisos. 3, 4, 5 y 10 Conmutador: (57 1) 587 00 00 Fax: (57 1) 587 02 84 Contact center: (571) 592 04 00 Bogotá Sede CAN, Avenida Carrera 50 No. 26 - 55 Int.2 Conmutador: (57 1) 5880234. Fuera de Bogotá Ingresar a la página Web

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