Money Transfer

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Money Transfer

The money order service is ascribed to the Communication Ministry and Expreso Brasilia develops it in agreement with the National Postal Service 4-72 since 2007. The national Money order service started about 15 years ago and it was created for the need of clients to travel with cash on the buses and the risks involved in this activity, and on the other hand, for the need of clients to send money to relatives.

Through our Alliance strategies for the Money orders product, we aim at getting closer to our clients by increasing national coverage.

Since last September 2013 we started two alliances; the first one with Copetran, a recognized company with a wide coverage in the Santanderes area which has about 130 offices at national level and a second alliance with Giramos S.A., a company with a wide experience in money order services with its main branch in Popayan and a wide coverage in the Western area of Colombia with about 250 offices.

In conclusion, we increase our coverage to almost 500 sales points including ours and at national level we are present in 230 municipalities in Colombia.


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