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Special Service

We have a license to provide transport service in the “Special Service” modality which includes enterprise or corporate service along with touristic service. The accelerated growth of national economy, especially derived from foreign investment, mining and oil industry, has motivated us to direct our development strategies to the strengthening of corporate and touristic operation strategies, fields where we have notorious strengths, such as: the accumulated experience of many years in the successful execution of personnel transport contracts with national and multinational companies; our own modern fleet with the specifications required by clients; maintenance infrastructure, expert personnel, legal and financial strength, among others. More the 50-year experience operating land transport public service of people in its different modalities have consolidated EXPRESO BRASILIA as a leading company of the sector in the country supported by its solidity, organizational development, operations safety, quality of service and the permanent modernization of fleet.

 The touristic transport operations in Sultana luxury buses and large corporate transport contracts such as the ones celebrated with Morrison K. Nudsen in Guajira, Drummond Limited where more than 10m million workers were mobilized in seven years and the Gecolsa Group in Departamento del Cesar, as well as with Transportes Calderon in Cartagena are a proof of EXPRESO BRASILIA capacity and expertise in the provision of Special Transport service.

 Our philosophy of service in the modality of corporate transport is oriented to become not just in contractors, but also in strategic allies of the contracting companies since we are convinced that the efficiency and quality of the services we provide are vital for achieving the objectives of our enterprise clients.

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