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Nowadays we transport more than 4 million people every year; we have more than 200 sales points in our own agencies, agencies at transport terminals, Brasilia remittance offices and chain stores. We get to 1000 national and international destinations like Caracas (Venezuela) and Lima (Perú); we offer our high quality standard service, attention and technology and a modern fleet, which shows our high operative capacity and our commitment with the country.

 The company lives a successful present based on its history and its growth pillar is based on safety, comfort, kindness, punctuality and modern vehicles searching clients’ satisfaction. It always projects to the future to fulfill the profile of an excellent service and working to create in each member of the company a great capacity to build a better society.

Expreso Brasilia works thinking about the future and traces its plans based on following the current line of thinking and acting big, with ambitious goals, objectives and projects with long term vision.

 Brasilia will continue favoring understanding with other transport companies in different corridors with the aim that self-regulation will be the growth line. Additionally, because it strongly believes that alliances and agreements with other transport companies will bring many results for all.

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